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Updated  July 28, 2022

2022-2023 Class Schedules

Once you click on your CRAFT, select the your YEAR on TAB, and look for your name listed. 

Once you find your name, scroll to bottom and look for your first night of class.  Class time is 4:45PM to 8:30PM

1st YR - Plumbing & Pipefitting will get schedules at Orientation on August 9th at 8AM.








 Updated July 13, 2022

***ALL NEW Apprentices are required to take a drug test before your assigned orientation.***

You will not be permitted to start classes without your drug test. 

Read & Follow the instructions provided.


New Apprentice Orientation for Plumbing & Pipefitting - August 9, 2022 at 8AM

You should receive a text and email that provides instructions about taking a drug test for the school (orientation).

The email contains the instructions, the authorization form, and Concentra locations & hours. [CLICK HERE FOR CONCENTRA PLPF FORM]

The drug test deadline for PLUMBERS & PIPEFITTERS is August 6th.


ALL RETURNING Apprentice Orientation for PLUMBING - August 24, 2022 at 4:45PM


New Apprentice Orientation for HVACR Service Techs - August 23, 2022 at 8AM

You should receive a text and email that provides instructions about taking a drug test for the school (orientation).

The email contains the instructions, the authorization form, and Concentra locations & hours.[CLICK HERE FOR CONCENTRA HVAC FORM]

The drug test deadline for HVACR Service Techs is August 19th.


ALL RETURNING Apprentice Orientation for HVACR Service Techs - August 25, 2022 at 4:45PM


 Updated June 23, 2022

The Application Period for FALL 2022 has closed. 

We will begin accepting applications on September 1, 2022.   

Plumbing and Pipefitting START in FEBRUARY & AUGUST (2x/year)

HVACR only STARTS in AUGUST (1x/year). 

Updated July 13, 2022 


Orientation on August 9th at 8AM

Aguirre, Martin Favors-Kluttz, JaiMychael Luna, Jose
Allen, Jordan Fields, Karim  Rashad Marshall, Jamari  Elijah
Allen, Terry Free Jr, Cornelius  Lavell Martin, Joshua  David
Avila-Jaramillo, Angel Fuller, Garrette  Michael Mccowan, Brandon  Marquel-
Bell, Anthony Savron Gandy, Daryll  Lee Mclemore, Jaylen  Jeremiah
Bennett, Connor Green, Trevon  Lee Medina Guzman, Alejandro
  Gaskin, William Gage (7/13/22)  
Bergmann, John  Randolph Gresham, Justin W Meza, David
Borisov, Vladimir Gwynn, Deshawn Millwood, Drennon  C
  Hansknecht, Seth  Michael Newman, Nicholas  Chance
Carruthers, Shawn  D Hawkins, Dominique  D Parrott, Billy  J
Casey, Walter  Eric Henry, Zury  D Ortiz, Darien
Clark, Andrew Dylan Hernandez-Gomez, Adair Pavelko-Youing, Joseph  Michael
Clark, Jeffery Lamar Hightower, Kentre'Vious  J Payne, Jordan
Clarke, Ian  Archibald Holmes, Brandon Pedemonte, Ramiro
Collett, Raymond  Michael Hyde, Spencer Pierre, Jerimiah
Cordle, Jeffrey  Cade Jaimes, Josue Prater, Demarcus
Courson, David Jarrell, Johnathan Reyes, Jose  Saul
Crum, John  A Jimenez, Guadalupe Ricks, Casen  Neal
Daly, Walter  Tristan Johnson, Michael  Hunter Roberts, Perian
Davidson, Jeffrey  Scott Kirk, William Blake Rowell, Griffin
Davis, Cameron  Stuart Knight, Leon Sargo, Marcus
Davis, Messiah  Malik Kountz, Alexander Seright, JoyImani
De La Cruz, Diego Lauderdale, Eric Smith, Jerre  Lachel
Dowdell, Michael  Dwayne Lee, Cason  Lane Steed, Zachary
Edge, Hayden Lee, Thomas  Leon Talley, John
Evans, Brian Lefever, James Thompson, Benjamin
Faison, Jimmy Lowrey, Ryan  Hunter Vincent, Mezaughan
    Yang, Zaj
    White, Shanique





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