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COVID-19 Update: Please follow all the recommendations from the CDC, local, state, and national authorities in order to stay safe. 

We are requiring the following safe protocols: wear a mask, daily temperature checks, social distancing, sanitize, and additional facility cleaning.

Thank you for your patience!


Updated July 22, 2020




Congratulations, if your name is listed below, you have been accepted into the apprenticeship program and will begin training this FALL 2020.  If your name is not listed below, then you will be placed on a waiting list for entry into the program for the spring semester (Starting in February 2021).  Accepted and Non-accepted will be receiving a letter in the mail within 14 days providing information about your next steps.  


Acceptance letters will include information about getting a drug test prior to the NEW APPRENTICE Orientation.

Non-Acceptance letters will include information about accepting a job at Local 72 and earning direct entry into the apprenticeship for SPRING 2021.  


There will be a mandatory orientation for NEW APPRENTICES ACCEPTED into apprenticeship program for FALL 2020.  If you do not attend the orientation, then your acceptance will be nullified and you will need reapply for entry.  The orientation will be held at the Mechanical Trades Institute (main campus location) at 6120 Purdue Drive SW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30336.  Enter door 3 (breezeway) for orientation check-in. We are following CDC COVID-19 guidelines.  You will be required to wear a mask, your temperature will be taken, social distancing will be practiced, and we ask that you do not attempt to shake hands during the orientation.  


*The start of school has been changed to SEPTEMBER 8, 2020.*


**HVACR applicants accepted in through interviews must be employed by one of our signatory contractors

in order to start school in the FALL 2020.  If you left a resume, then the HVACR coordinator shared it with contractors.   

This is not a guarantee of employment. ** 


***Any missing transcripts must be submitted by your scheduled orientation date.  Failure to provide your transcript 

will nullify your acceptance into the apprenticeship program for FALL 2020***


****Request for Skill Evaluation for CREDIT will only be done with if the applicant can provide documented work experience.

All request should be made to Tony Hoyle, Training Director  at  All evaluation should be scheduled 

and performed by August 13th.  HVACR skill evaluations must come from the contractor.  PL/PF skill evaluations may be requested by the individual,

but with documentation.







  Monday, August 24 @ 7:30 AM    Tuesday, August 25 @ 7:30 AM   Wednesday, August 26 @ 7:30 AM
1 Aanensen, Zachary  Ryan 51 Karr, William  Hunter 107 Shaw, Travis  Wade
2 Adams, Donny  Grant 52 Kerr, Justice  Selassie 108 Smith, Lewis  Marcus
3 Adams, Randy  Marc 53 Kimm, Marshall  William 109 Smith, Logan Wesley
4 Anderson, Nathan Thomas 54 Knight, Brian  Patrick 110 Smith, Michael Bailey
5 Autry, Garrett H. 55 Knight, Matthew  Garrett 111 Smoot, William "Nathan"
6 Barber, Samuel Chase 56 Knowles, Robert Wayne 112 Stone, Tristen  Michael
7 Bauer, Randy Warren 57 Lamothe, Jason  Joseph  113 Studivant, Roydarius  Lamar
8 Baxter, David Tyler 58 Landy, Nicholas  Paul 114 Sumner, Clayton  Joseph
9 Bellon, Spencer  Allen 59 LeBlanc, Aubrey Joseph 115 Supplice, Mitchell  Lucien
10 Blake, Joshua Graham 60 Logan, Gunner  Stone 116 Sweda, Chase  Alexander
11 Bozeman, Owen  Christopher 61 Long, Preston Shane 117 Swords, Gavin Wade
12 Brady, Cort  M. 62 Lopez, Cristian Desomond 118 Tarpley, Gabriel  William
13 Braland, Jordan  Elisah 63 Louder, William  Thomas Laith 119 Tavira, Eduardo
14 Brown, Joshua  Trent 64 Lovelace, Isaiah  Thomas 120 Thomas, Christopher  James
15 Bryant, Stephanie  Ann 65 Loy, Matthew  David 121 Thompson, Christopher  Blake
16 Caldwell, Dylan  Ryan 66 Lundy, Aric  Edmund 122 Thornton, Luke Elmore
17 Campbell, Hunter  Isaiah 67 Mackin, Charles Berchmans 123 Tillery, Ethan  Michael
18 Catani, Tracey  Lee 68 Maddox, Andrew  McKinley 124 Usher, Elijah  Warren
19 Chatham, Austin Taylor 69 Martinez, Jacob  Patrick 125 Vennel, Joshua  Scott
20 Chmelecki, Jacob  Dylan 70 Mauldin, Colby Alexander 126 Waiters, Daquan
21 Coleman, Dane  Benjamen 71 May, James Hunter 127 Warren, Joseph Tyler
22 Comerford, Ryan Patrick 72 McCalvin, Edward "Drake" 128 Washington, Rashad  Jervae
23 Cowan, Daniel Todd 73 McFall, Devin Glenn 129 Watts, Bengie W
24 Cox, Silas Lee 74 McQueen, Grayson Alexander 130 Weaver, Robert Zachary
25 Crow, Timoth Dento 75 McWilliams, Charles James 131 Webb, Michael Lewis
26 Croy, Robert  Michael 76 Melton, Brenton Tyler 132 Wells, Austin  Reid
27 Dimsdale, Logan  Wayne 77 Mililli, Angelo 133 White, Erik D
28 Duke, Jacob  William 78 Milner, Mike  James 134 Williams, Austin  Jacob
29 Echols, Andrew Michael  79 Mitchell, Brandon Craig 135 Winkler, Andrew Alan
30 Engstrom, David  William 80 Mitchell, Matthew Douglas    
31 Evans, Jonathan  Hayes 81 Mom, Phelan P    
32 Floyd, Dalton  Hunter 82 Moon, Trenton  Wayne    
33 Fuller, Wilson  Hope 83 Moore, Charles Joseph    
34 Gardner, Brandon James 84 Moseley, Wyatt  Keith    
35 Goggans, Jeffrey  William 85 Myers, Mitchell  Merrill    
36 Gonzalez-Badillo, Efrain 86 Newman, David  Lee    
37 Greene, David  Wells 87 Norris, Tanner Austin    
38 Grose, David Gordon 88 Paniagua, Angel    
39 Harris, Brandon  Michael 89 Parrot, Quentin Dupree    
40 Harris, Furquan  Lateef 90 Payne, Chase Elton    
41 Harris, Travis  Lee  91 Payne, Daniel Reeves    
42 Hayner, Simeom  Caleb 92 Perrin, John Edward    
43 Heaggans, Gabriel Amiri 93 Pierce, Trevor James    
44 Helton, Samuel Bryce 94 Pierre, Jerimiah  Same    
45 Henderson, Joshua  Kyle 95 Pilling, Dustin Michael    
46 Jarrett, Dwayne  Anthony 96 Pledger, Isaiah  Blake    
47 Jencarell, Kody Michael 97 Pyles, Austin  Clifton    
48 Johnson, Douglas  Ross 98 Pylypchuk, Igor    
49 Johnson, Greer  Scott 99 Ramey, Joel  Timothy    
50 Joseph, Shamar  Matayos Winston 100 Ramos, Jamie  Alan Teodoro    
    101 Ramos, Jesus  Gerardo    
    102 Ream, Matthew Lee    
    103 Reis, Justin Manuel    
    104 Reusmann, Levi Garrett      
    105 Riseden, Triston Deric    
    106 Rogers, Jasper Scott    





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