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  • For well over a century the well trained Pipefitters, Welders and Apprentices of Local Union 72 have demonstrated their ability to deliver quality work and craftsmanship in the Industrial piping
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  • UA local 72 plumbers are trained using an extensive and comprehensive five year apprenticeship program . After completing our Apprenticeship Training Program UA 72 plumbers have...
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  • UA Local 72 has Service Technicians qualified to service any size or type of HVACR system. Our technicians are highly trained to not only repair systems, but to recognize potential
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  • The JATT Welding program is part of our 5-year work study program and continuing education for local Journeymen. The JATT teaches pipe welding and all its processes, with full time
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  • Each year, apprenticeship programs across the United States and Canada set out the find top apprentice in each of the crafts. The ultimate goal is win and to advance to
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  • The UA’s Instructor Training Program (ITP) is considered one of the most successful skills training programs in North America. And it’s perhaps one of the most important weeks of the
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  • Mechanical and plumbing contracting is part of the construction industry that provides us with: Air-conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Safe drinking water for residential and work
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  • Each year, thousands of high school Georgia seniors go off to college only to return home with no degree in hand, large amounts of student debt, and even worse, a
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News 7

The future skilled worker shortage is your opportunity to succeed

America is currently facing a shortage of skilled, certified, labor. As the current workforce gets closer to retirement age there simply aren’t enough young new workers coming to fill their shoes. This crisis has been looming for years, but continues to get worse as more veteran plumbers, pipefitters, and HVACR technicians retire.

In 2011 Mike Rowe -- host of TV’s Dirty Jobs, skilled worker activist, and professional contractor – spoke before the US Senate about the importance of skilled labor.

Right now, American manufacturing is struggling to fill 200,000 vacant positions. There are 450,000 openings in trades, transportation and utilities. The skills gap is real, and it's getting wider. In Alabama, a third of all skilled tradesmen are over 55. They're retiring fast, and no one is there to replace them.

A 2013 study by the research group EMSI put this reality into hard numbers. At the time of the study 46% of skilled trade labor was between 24-44 years old. That means 44% of our work force was 44-65 years old. Every year more and more of that 44% retires, creating holes that need to be filled with new talent. (link:

This skilled worker shortage represents an opportunity for every student who takes part in the JATT program. These are secure jobs that cannot be outsourced and, most importantly, are always going to be needed. No matter how advanced computers get someone still needs to lay pipe, route plumbing, and handle complex welding jobs.

The skilled worker shortage is a reality of our industry. With your hard work and success in our program we can do our part to end it.



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